Friday, April 16, 2010


Been busy trying to finish this project. I am getting closer to the end, and I should have the animation done in a week. I wanted to do a few render layers for this project if I had the time, so I spent a day troubleshooting and getting things working.

After many different attempts I found a way that works well for zdepth and ambient occlusion passes. This is what the beauty shot that combines diffuse, zdepth, and occlusion passes. It also has a little bit of color correction.

Here's the render straight from Maya so you can compare.

Here's the depth pass.

And here's the occlusion pass.

All of these renders are still using fairly low final gather settings, but I might render with higher settings depending on how much time I have to render.


Zeb said...

Yo Marcelo, that color correct and Ambient occlusion pass really did the trick! I hope you are happy with the result. I wouldn't worry too much about the Final gather quality being higher with those results.

Way to go!

Jason Alan Smith said...

Looks great! The DOF pass gives the shot some nice depth.

Marcelo Meijome said...

thanks! i'm pretty happy with how it's all coming together.

Josh Corken said...

Marcelo, it's looking awesome! Can't wait to see the final. Keep it up and try to get some sleep...if possible.