Friday, March 27, 2009

Demo Reels

Here are my most current demo reels. The first one is the most current, for March. The second is from February. Both were created for different portfolio reviews. I like finding a song to fit the reel, it's fun to edit the reel to match the song. I'll have another demo reel up for April and hopefully more work done. Also need to get working on a design portfolio and try to get an 11secondclub submission for April. April will be very busy.

March Reel

February Reel

Monday, March 16, 2009

Totoro Commercial

Here's what I've been working on lately. It's a 30 second commercial spot where we are have to go through all of the production process ourselves. It started out by selecting a toy to be your character in the commercial. From there came the model, then a fully textured model, then a rigged model, then a walk cycle for the character. In between all of this, I also created a script for the commercial and storyboards based off that script. It's a lot of work creating everything in this way, but really makes you appreciate what goes into each step of the production process. Next up is creating an animatic, and then start animating for the final commercial.

I'm using Totoro for my commercial, and it's for an energy drink. Only Totoro will be 3D, everything else will be video footage, and then they will be composited together.

Here's the initial sketch for the character.

Here's a 360 of the textured model.

This is the walk cycle for the character.

And finally, this is the storyboard for the commercial.

High quality versions of these videos and more videos for this project can be found on my youtube page here.

More to come soon.