Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just finished my last AM assignment for class 2 this past week. Have been working on this shot for about the past 4 weeks. I knew I kind of wanted to do a ballet dance for this last one after watching Black Swan. I actually got some of my reference footage from the actual Swan Lake ballet.

Here is the final rendered version. I tested out a little bit different lighting for this one to try and create stage/theatre lighting.

Here's the original blocking pass.

Here's the blocking plus pass.

And here's some of the planning thumbnails I did for this shot.

You can see the shot came a long way from the first blocking pass! So class 2 is done and there is no break between classes. Straight into class 3 starting on Monday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Finished my second assignment in class 2 at Animation Mentor a few weeks ago, but just now getting around to post it. We had a few things to choose from for this one, all relating to how the body reacts to external forces.

I went with the walk in heavy wind.

Here's the first blocking pass for it.

And here's the blocking plus for it, stayed in stepped mode this time.

And here's some of the original planning sketches.

Working on my last assignment for class 2 now, doing a ballet dance! Finishing it this week, should have it up soon.