Sunday, November 30, 2008

Character Development

I'm currently working on a final project where we have to create and develop a character. Once the character has been created and finalized, we are to animate a walk cycle in flash that would fit that character's body shape/size, and personality. My character's name is bac, and here are some sketches leading up to a more finalized look for the character. The sketch done in the red ink is a more finalized version and likely close to what the final character will look like.

A vectorized version of the character and animation study of the character's walk cycle will be posted soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kinetic Typography

This was created for a kinetic typography project. The whole animation was done in Flash. The song is Royksopp - So Easy. This song will be stuck in your head for a long time, but at least it's a really good song.

As with my other youtube videos on here, you can follow them to the youtube page for a higher quality version. The high quality version doesn't seem to be working right now, but I'll check again later and re-upload if it's not working.

Lip Sync and Facial Animations

Here is a recently finished Lip Sync animation and some facial animations I did a few weeks ago.

The audio clip for this animation is of Joey Mousepad from Futurama.

This second animation was made to show the six basic facial expressions using morph targets.

Both of these can be seen in high quality versions if you follow them to the youtube page.