Sunday, December 20, 2009

skin so soft

I've been working on modeling a character for my new media a-480 class this whole semester. I had the model mostly done a few days ago, but found out we needed to also texture the character and render out a few stills. Just got the texturing done in a record 2 days! UVlayout program really helps speed things up.

I'll start with the final renders. Used mental ray to render, SSS shader for skin, and ambient occlusion pass added at the end.

Here's the model in T-pose. I will rig it eventually...

Here's the wireframe of the model.
The model as it looks in Maya.'s the original sketch I used to create the character.
This was my first time using Maya for a project, pretty happy with the results, wasn't sure how it would look at first. Getting pretty comfortable with Maya now. Hoping to maybe use this character for an animated short for my senior project next semester. We'll see how that goes!


wenie said...

is the bac a nick name for bacon ?

Marcelo Meijome said...

yeah, bac came from bacon!