Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veer Redesign work in progress.1

These are some early comps of redesigned layouts for based on inspirational media shown in the previous post.

This concept is based around my print ad, using some of the colors and ideas of color blends.  I like it so far, pretty clean layout.  I'm trying to make my concepts and layouts for these look like a site that I would actually want to go to and use.  To me, I think their search is the most important thing for the veer site, because people are going to the site to look for specific pictures, typefaces, or illustrations to purchase.  I'll probably have the search bar be prominent and at the top in most of my layouts, with the big banner being number 2.

This concept for veer is based on the Matisse painting titled "snail" that I chose.  I like it so far, but need to find better positioning for veer news so it doesn't feel like it's floating there.  I've got a good start on these, but need to start getting comps for the movie and song inspirations next.


Snow said...

Print ad idea seems like what you would see in a kitchen recipe - clean and organized. Can't wait to see how the finished product looks. o3o

As for the Matisse painting inspiration, perhaps decreasing the amount of space between the buttons would help give it a more professional feel to it. Right now, to me it looks as if you're trying to go for a cut-and-paste look on the layout.

Whitney Kay said...

Have to be careful with your image selection with the peach. Could look like something bad if it's just caught out of the corner of someone's eye. Maybe you could crop a different part of the peach. :D